Customising your CV: Why does it matter?

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The “one size fits all” approach works for a lot of things but your job applications are not one of them. One resume will not fit every application that you fill in. You need to create a unique resume for each application.

All the skills and certifications that you need to be hired for a sales position might not be the same as the ones needed for you to be hired at a leading consultancy. Making the necessary changes then becomes extremely vital. Your employer needs to know whether you have all the skills that “perfectly fit” the job profile that is being looked at.

In the current status quo, if you think your resume is not a major factor in your employer’s decision of hiring or rejecting you, you are wrong. The resume is how you might just make for a pleasant acquaintance virtually.

A resume is your professional story

A perfect resume can make an employer look at it and know for sure if that particular individual is what they are looking for. It can convey one’s story to the employer in the context of the role they are applying to.

A perfect resume helps your application stand out

At a time when everything is digital, a resume becomes one’s virtual introduction for the employer. Among the resumes of thousands of professionals seeking a job, one needs to ensure that theirs stands out. The resume needs to speak for the applicant and their strengths specific to the job. The resume should be tailored to your needs.

A resume review helps enhance your profile

Whether it is an entry-level job or one for a senior role, a resume needs to be of quality. It not only kickstarts one’s career but if one is experienced, it might just help them enhance their profile tremendously. This is exactly why it becomes essential to get a resume review. It helps you amplify the impact your profile has on those assessing it.

Looking for the right resume review service?

EdMyst has experienced industry leaders who have reviewed thousands of resumes to hire the ‘right’ employees and build great teams. During a session for resume review, our experts will pay attention to detail and let you know what is it that if added or deleted to your resume, will impress an employer. This is because they come with first-hand real-world knowledge of what it takes for a resume to attract the attention of recruiters. Our personalised resume review service will help you build a powerful resume keeping in mind your unique strengths, skills, accomplishments, and aspirations through personalised interview coaching.

Having a winning resume is your first step towards landing your dream job, and here at EdMyst, we will walk you through it. Visit 

EdMyst to book a session with any of our 50+ renowned industry experts now!

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